Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I have a longer blog in mind for today. I will post it later tonight. I just wanted to drop a few lines on what I just saw on the TV. Bush doing comedy at some kind of radio and TV event.

He had a slideshow, and he had accompanying jokes. Among them were pictures of him looking under chairs and desks, accompanied by the line "Nope, no weapons of mass destruction under here."

Farking audacious. I am more than a bit troubled. Some might say, hey he has a sense of humour about it all. Yet is it not really a troubling sign that he can make light of the very justification for a war that has put both American soldiers and citizens in harms way? If there not under your chair, then where the fuck are they?

Of course, the idea of making light of things that are seriousness and indeed fatal, is not simply the province of the comedian in chief, nor just the right personality pundits like Dennis Miller and Michael Savage. The left is guilty of the same. I don't want to be too much of a party pooper, but how much energy does the so called progressive, left leaning intelligentsia waste on turning vital democratic dialogue into entertainment? Sure, even us who are interested in solving the countries power problem need a moment to relax and enjoy ourselves, me more than most. But we must be careful not to mistake bush-bashing comedy, or politically charged satire for effective activism.

If you think this is too heavy handed, well, you might be right. Sometimes the best way to inform is to entertain, perhaps an unfortunate outcome of our omnipresent media ecology.

more on this later.

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