Tuesday, March 13, 2007

No international issues today. I am trying to finish this book review for Al-Jadid magazine, and am helping someone with a screenplay for a short film he is developing. So, I haven't had much time to really digest and regurgitate. I do have one quick question though. Whither Afghanistan? With all the attention paid to the troop "surge" in Iraq, did anyone happen to notice that there has been a request for about 4500 more troops in Afghanistan? Not quite as large a surge as in Iraq, however, it is large when thought of in terms of the percentage of soldiers already there. So what's going on? Is the Taliban really capable of creating such stiff resistance, or are we witnessing that famed and fabled Pashtun invincibility? History (read British, Soviet) should contain enough cautionary tales warning potential aggressors of the tenacious Afghan mujahideen.

But then Bush doesn't strike me as much of a history buff.

Personal notes. Roseville sucks. Its the heart of Placer County, which apparently, prides itself on being quite possibly the most conservative county in California, giving the OC a run for its fiscally responsible money.

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