Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Khan Younis

We don't need reminders of the cost of war. At the time of this writing, the American economy staggers in the wake of predatory and avaricious finance schemes, and while the high definition chatter bemoans the "blood on the streets" in the gilded halls of Corporate Board rooms, the cries pass silently over the dying inner cities, the withering middle class neighborhoods build on flimsy dreams and too much sweat. While the average American watches decades of wealth slowly disappear, the war machine rages on.

According to recent studies, at least $10 billion dollars has gone completely unaccounted for in Iraq. In the Pakistani Tribal regions, a dozen Pakistani soldiers lost their lives today in a hail of confusion, confusion compounded by the digital fog of instantaneous information, equally agile in deception as truth.

Israel, the nation that receives the largesse of our American generosity, raided Gaza today, resulting in the death of Hadel Afnere, an 11-year-old girl. Surely it was a mistake. One that happens all to often on both sides, on all sides.

Our contemporary economic system depends on factors such as risk management, externalities, hidden costs, and cost/benefit analysis. Taken at a glance, when the system is looked at holistically and with emergent properties accounted for, it doesn't take long to realize that the "endless" war in which we currently find ourselves engaged, is about as bad as business can get.

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