Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Throwing Rice

Poor Dr. Rice. She is being called a liar, she has had her integrity "impunged," and is likely to win an overwhleming majority of votes in the senate confirmation for Secretary of State.

So what has the Dems suddenly behaving like the protectors of the people? Why the sudden vociferous and relentless pursuit of honesty and honour in the face of Dr. Rice's imminent ascension? Beats me. It seems that the possibility of winning back the house in 2006 has caused a spark in the Dem leadership, and they think now is the time to strike, with Condie playing the role of the anvil.

Don't get me wrong, i think it is great that she is being challenged in this way. How far she went in decieving the people is subject to debate, but she is no doubt an apologist for a failed and misguided foreign policy. She has playd a central role in deveoping a strategy that has isolated the states and hs likely made us less safe than before 9/11. All criticism and calling out is welcome, in fact necessary, and all together healthy for democracy.

However, i can't help but feel that the Dems are being a bit opportunistic, and not just a little partisan. Frankly, this might be the wroing war at the wrong time. Where was such vigilence and virulence when the subject of the war was first brought to the floor? Almost 1500 hundred body bags, and a near nationwide insurgency later, and the Dems decide it is time to get some teeth. I will excuse the likes of Byrd and Kennedy, because they have fought all along. But the Dems in general are making this confirmation process an issue by taking advantage of a moral highground that they should have been standing on all along. And here we are at, at the beginning of the second, yes second, Bush term, and all of the sudden there are two major parties in the United States of America.

I am sorry, but all I can say is too little too late.

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