Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What Democracy?

I am actually in the middle of going through a couple of days worth of news that i have neglected. Of course, since i have last written, Mahmoud Abbas was elected as chairman of the PA, and that will be the subject of the next post, maybe the next couple.

But before I forget, I just wanted to make a quick point. It has been speculated that Israeli Defense Forces restricted the movement of some of the Palestinian Candidates campaign running inot the election. It may not matter, being that there was no real viable candidate other than Abbas. What is important, is that other than restricted movement of potential candidates, the elections are genereally being regarded as fair and reasonably uncorrupted.

The obviousness of where this is going makes the reality of the situation that much more absurd. We had to invade a country to bring democracy to the Middle East. Yet perhaps the single most embattled people of the region seemed to be able to able to get on just fine without us.

What gives?

more later . . .

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