Monday, November 03, 2008

Slowing down, Tuning in

Never enough time. There is always something else to do, and we run ourselves ragged from dawn to dusk, chasing the carrot dangling before us, thinking that one day we will get there. In the meantime, we surround ourselves with an increasing number of objects whose obsolescence is built in, and most often are nothing but completely useless when their end finally comes. And we tell ourselves that all we want is to be happy, we want the magical ending at the end of the movie, where everything works out, and the life that we deserve will finally come to pass, happily ever after . . .

There is a movement taking place in pockets throughout the world, a movement towards a post-carbon world. This world is vastly different from ours. It is a simpler life, in greater harmony with our immediate environment, where things take a long as they take, and cooperation is not only beneficial but uplifting and liberating.

Check out this video, the one about "A Simpler Life."

I think the most common criticism of this simpler way of life, is that quite simply, it is boring. It minimizes the numerous and constant distractions, the spectacles, the dramas and emotional imbalances that make our lives increasingly like TV, and TV increasingly like our lives. But ask yourself, would you be willing to give up that artificial, spectacle induced intensity, for a deeper and more steady intensity, for peace of mind and the release from your fears and self-inflicted worries?

I would.

There is a tacit connection between the solutions posed by those thinking about the post-carbon future and the awakening of conscious evolution within our hearts. The two go hand in hand, and are indeed self-reinforcing. This is "what's next." This is the potential of the human future.

More later, dear friends.

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  1. Well Said. Such a simple world's chief enjoyment will come from exploring nature, the body, and the nature of reality itself. And those worlds are infinitely exciting and ever changing. I think people in our world do drugs to feel the way they would feel in a simpler world. Actually in a simple world, you can go way beyond any drug induced ecstasy. In our insane quest to entertain our personalities, we are realizing that the technologies of ecstasy are endogenous. We are hard-wired to be blissed out all the time. As cliche as it sounds, we need only look within.