Friday, January 02, 2009

At the mall

Having left work early, I'm passing some time at the galleria (nowhere else to go without my car!) and a few thoughts pass, a few that I don't want to forget. So dear friends, what better place to joy them down than the virtual memory of the digital world?

- most people are in search of something they will not find. It's not that they are bad, or wrong. They just haven't realized that the answer is inside them, nowhere else.

- who the heck am I to say people are looking in the wrong place? No one really. I might well be wrong too. I must learn to tame my ego, and learn the difference between judgement and discernment.

- if I am in fact "correct" in my assumption of our collective spiritual predicament, then the only ethical recourse is compassion and the bestowing of blessings for health and wealth for all. Full stop.

Now back to reality . . .

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  1. Compassion it is - but for yourself as well. If we can admit we are judgemental, we begin to give compassion to ourselves, and soon after, to those we are judging.